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Solomon Islands: Men working for WW2 bomb clearing agency die in explosion

Two men working for an aid agency which helps dispose of unexploded bombs have been killed in an explosion in the Solomon Islands.

Briton Stephen Atkinson and Australian Trent Lee were employees of Norwegian People’s Aid.

The blast took place in a residential part of the capital Honiara on Sunday.

The Solomon Islands, a WW2 battleground in the South Pacific, are littered with thousands of unexploded bombs.

The Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) described the explosion as a “tragic accident”.

Its Deputy Secretary General Per Nergaard said an “investigation needs to be completed before there can be a conclusion on the cause of events”.

The organisation’s Secretary General Henriette Killi Westhrin added that it was “devastated by what has happened”.

Lee had described himself as a Chemical We...

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Emmy Awards 2020: Schitt’s Creek wins big at virtual ceremony

Schitt’s Creek has won several major awards at the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards, which are being held virtually amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The show won the best comedy series prize, with its stars Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy being named best comedy actress and actor respectively.

Daniel Levy and Annie Murphy, meanwhile, won the best supporting actor and actress trophies.

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel is hosting the ceremony from Los Angeles.

  • Emmy Awards 2020: The winners and nominees

Schitt’s Creek broadcast its sixth and final season earlier this year.

The Canadian comedy series, which was created by father-son duo Eugene and Dan Levy, follows the wealthy Rose family, who are forced to move to a motel in a small town after losing their fortune.

The show launched on Pop TV in 2015 bu...

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Trump’s plan to replace Ginsburg an abuse of power, says Biden

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Donald Trump’s move to replace the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the presidential election is an “abuse of power”, his Democratic rival Joe Biden says.

Mr Trump has said he will next week nominate a woman to replace the longstanding liberal justice.

Mr Biden has urged Senate Republicans to delay a confirmation vote.

Ginsburg, a liberal icon and feminist standard-bearer, died on Friday aged 87.

Democrats fear Republicans will vote to lock in a decades-long conservative majority on the country’s highest court.

The ideological balance of the nine-member court is crucial to its rulings on the most important issues in US law.

What has Biden said about Trump’s decision?

During a speech at the Constitutional Center in Phi...

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FinCEN Files: Sanctioned Putin associate ‘laundered millions’ through Barclays

One of Vladimir Putin’s closest friends may have used Barclays Bank in London to launder money and dodge sanctions, leaked documents suggest.

Billionaire Arkady Rotenberg has known the Russian president since childhood.

Financial restrictions, or sanctions, were imposed on Mr Rotenberg by the US and the EU in 2014, which means Western banks could face serious consequences for doing business with him.

Barclays says it met all its legal and regulatory duties.

A leak of confidential files – banks’ “suspicious activity reports” – reveal how companies believed to be controlled by Mr Rotenberg kept the secret accounts.

The documents, known as the FinCEN Files, have been seen by the BBC’s Panorama programme.

  • All you need to know about FinCEN documents leak

Inner circle

In March 2014 the US...

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FinCEN Files: UAE central bank failed to prevent sanctions evasion

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FinCEN Files: HSBC moved Ponzi scheme millions despite warning

HSBC allowed fraudsters to transfer millions of dollars around the world even after it had learned of their scam, leaked secret files show.

Britain’s biggest bank moved the money through its US business to HSBC accounts in Hong Kong in 2013 and 2014.

Its role in the $80m (£62m) fraud is detailed in a leak of documents – banks’ “suspicious activity reports” – that have been called the FinCEN Files.

HSBC says it has always met its legal duties on reporting such activity.

The files show the investment scam, known as a Ponzi scheme, started soon after the bank was fined $1.9bn (£1.4bn) in the US over money laundering. It had promised to clamp down on these sorts of practices.

Lawyers for duped investors say the bank should have acted sooner to close the fraudsters’ accounts.

The document...

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WeChat: Judge blocks US attempts to ban downloads of Chinese app

A judge has blocked a US government attempt to ban the Chinese messaging and payments app, WeChat.

US Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler said the ban raised serious questions related to the constitution’s first amendment, guaranteeing free speech.

The Department of Commerce had announced a bar on WeChat appearing in US app stores from Sunday, effectively shutting it down.

The Trump administration has alleged it threatens national security.

It says it could pass user data to the Chinese government.

  • Is the US about to split the internet?
  • What TikTokers make of Trump’s ban threat

Both WeChat and China have strongly denied the claim. Tencent, the conglomerate that owns WeChat, had previously described the US ban as “unfortunate”.

The ruling comes just after TikTok, which was also named in the...

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بهترین مسواک برقی

انتخاب بین مسواک معمولی و مسواک برقی برای برخی از ما یک چالش بزرگ است. بهترین مسواک برقی در مقاله قبلی ، ما در مورد مقایسه مسواک های معمولی و برقی برای شما نوشتیم ، ما در مورد آن به طور مفصل صحبت کردیم. امروز چندین مدل مسواک برقی موجود در بازار ایران را با یکدیگر مقایسه و مرور می کنیم.
موارد مشابه

بررسی کرم پاکسازی کف پا Kaman’s 360 درجه

بررسی اسپری ضد تعریق مردانه Rexona Invisible 360 ​​درجه

بیایید ابتدا تکلیف خود را با قیمت محصولاتی که در زیر ارائه و بررسی کرده ایم ، روشن کنیم...

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Thailand protests: Activists challenge monarchy by laying ‘People’s Plaque’

Anti-government protesters have installed a plaque declaring Thailand “belongs to the people”, in a bold show of opposition to the monarchy.

The plaque was laid near Bangkok’s Grand Palace in the latest challenge to Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn.

Student-led protests calling for reform of the country’s monarchy and political system have been going on since July.

The protests over the weekend were some of the largest in years, with thousands defying authorities to demand change.

Authorities say 18,000 people joined Saturday’s demonstration, although others give higher figures. Many stayed to continue the protest into Sunday, before dispersing.

Their calls for royal reform are particularly sensitive in Thailand, where criticism of the monarchy is punishable by long prison sentences.


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Coronavirus: WHO sets rules for testing African herbal remedies

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