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Brazen killing of U.S. citizen prompts new criticism of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws

Muhammad Sajjad AP

Pakistani Muslims chant slogans during a rally Friday in support of the gunman accused of fatally shooting U.S. citizen Tahir Naseem in a courtroom in Peshawar, Pakistan, where he was standing trial on blasphemy charges.

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — The brazen killing of an American standing trial for blasphemy in Pakistan has sparked renewed pressure on Islamabad to reform controversial laws that human rights groups say target minorities.

Tahir Naseem, 57, of Illinois was on trial in the Pakistani city of Peshawar for claiming to be a prophet. Early Wednesday, a man walked into the city’s busy central courtroom and shot Naseem multiple times at close range.

Video of the killing, widely circulated on social media, showed police restraining the gunman as Naseem lay in...

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In Canada, hockey’s return is a partial sign of normalcy during precarious times

Having an entire postseason tournament in Canada, where the sport is woven into so many aspects of life, is welcome for many Canadians. More than 4.3 million of them watched the two exhibition games involving Canadian teams Tuesday night, the most-watched exhibition games in the history of Sportsnet.

But even as most citizens here embrace the game’s return, they can’t do so in all the usual ways, with arenas closed to spectators and gatherings at bars limited by the country’s coronavirus precautions. And some see the accommodations made to the league in direct contrast with the national discipline that helped corral the virus.

Still, amid such widespread global uncertainty, the return of a cultural mainstay offers some comfort.

“I think with everything that’s gone on in the ...

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Iraq’s prime minister announces early elections, which will be held next year

BAGHDAD — Iraq’s prime minister announced Friday he was calling early elections, fulfilling a key promise at a time when the country faces deep challenges.

Mustafa al-Kadhimi said the new polls would be held next June, almost a year before the current parliamentary term was scheduled to end. It was unclear whether he would run for a second term.

Kadhimi took power in May, replacing a prime minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, who resigned amid a bloody crackdown against protesters demanding his ouster.

Two other political leaders who’d sought to become prime minister before Kadhimi had failed to win broad backing from Iraq’s divided political scene, and lawmakers from a crucial parliamentary bloc backed by Iran said they agreed to Kadhimi’s selection only if he would not run for reelection...

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With virus cases rising, Britain imposes new restrictions and slows reopening

Oli Scarff AFP/Getty Images

Manchester, England, is subject to new coronavirus restrictions.

LONDON — Prime Minister Boris Johnson told England on Friday that it must “squeeze the brake pedal” and postpone easing some coronavirus restrictions for at least two weeks, amid a worrying uptick in infections.

The British are moving two steps forward, one step back, essentially, like other countries in Europe now. All are trying to revive their economies and give citizens back their freedoms, while defending themselves against a full-blown resurgence of the virus.

In response to outbreaks, the British government on Thursday night announced new restrictions affecting 4 million people in north England...

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Photos: Downtown Stamford’s annual sculpture tour on display


Downtown Stamford is sporting 37 sculptures from regional artists, as part of the Stamf...

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Stamford police ask for help ID’ing man in coma’s attacker

STAMFORD—Police say they know there are witnesses to an aggravated assault outside Carwin Park just over a week ago that sent a man to the hospital in a coma and they are appealing to those to come forward and help them solve the crime.

Bureau of Criminal Investigations Lt. Tom Scanlon said at about 2 a.m. on Thursday, July 23 police were dispatched to Spruce Street right outside Carwin Park on the report of a man down.

The man was found by police lying on his back, unresponsive and bleeding from the head. When medics turned the man over they found he was carrying a gun...

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Stamford DMV plans reopening after closing due to COVID

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Hong Kong delays elections, citing virus, further eroding political freedoms

Vincent Yu AP

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam at a news conference on July 13. Officials delayed legislative elections scheduled for Sept. 6, citing the coronavirus pandemic.

HONG KONG — After disqualifying a dozen pro-democracy candidates, the Hong Kong government said Friday it would delay legislative council elections for a year because of the coronavirus pandemic, undermining one of the few partially democratic institutions left in the Chinese territory.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam said in a news conference that she was invoking emergency powers to postpone the vote — unprecedented in the city’s political history since its handover from Britain to China in 1997...

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Clashes on Pakistan border leave more than a dozen Afghan civilians dead, Afghan officials say

The Afghan Defense Ministry said at least nine people, including a child, were killed and blamed Pakistani forces for the attack. In a statement, the ministry warned that the Afghan Air Force and special forces units are on high alert and prepared to reciprocate if violence continues. Pakistani officials did not immediately return a request for comment on the incident.

Abdul Malik Achakzai, a doctor in charge of the Chaman Civil Hospital in Pakistan, told Pakistani media outlet Dawn that three dead bodies and nearly 20 wounded people were brought to his hospital for treatment Friday.

Movement between Afghanistan and Pakistan has been restricted recently due to the novel coronavirus pandemic...

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کانادا نخست وزیر دفاع ما خیریه معامله

بلر شیروانی ایسنا

نخست وزیر کانادا جاستین ترودو شهادت قبل از مجلس عوام امور مالی کمیته پنج شنبه توسط لینک ویدئو.

تورنتو —

نخست وزیر کانادا جاستین ترودو در دفاع از خود را قبل از یک کمیته پارلمانی روز شنبه گفت که او هیچ چیز برای نفوذ در دولت خود تصمیم به انتخاب یک موسسه خیریه با دیرینه روابط با خانواده خود به اجرای یک $670 میلیون دلار کمک مالی برنامه برای دانشجویان داوطلب و او حتی “تحت فشار قرار دادند” که حزبی خدمات عمومی اول آن توصیه می شود چرا که او می دانست آن را رسم “موشکافی...

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